Our Philosophy

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It is central to the INNATE INTELLIGENCE® (i2) Wellness Center’s philosophy that no one system addresses every client need or issue, and that multiple modalities may work best in tandem and that those modalities will change. i2 believes exercise is an activity to be enjoyed by everyone at any age. A truly integrated approach to exercise, fitness, and health is they key.

i2 wellness center’s unique approach to individual wellbeing works with the awareness that individuals’ specific areas of need evolve with time and treatment, Therapies, which work today, may not be the most effective tomorrow. Although this seems simple and logical, it is not often employed in wellness settings. Also, it is often a combination and balance of synergistic therapies that provide the greatest benefit.

i2 is driven by client success and results. To that end, i2 is staffed with practitioners trained and nationally certified in multiple disciplines that understand the i2 Wellness Center’s whole-body, integrated approach to wellness and fitness. Our trainers and wellness practitioners are the best educated and experienced in the business, equipping them to expertly assess client needs and prescribe appropriate activities and functional training programs.

i2 works to continually assess and target individual goals and provide the work or system that best achieves those goals. Every i2 participant will be professionally supervised and guided every step of the way through inevitable goal achievement.